Dr. Roberto Tutino

How We Operate

We have pioneered a surgical method that is the least invasive to date. This not only allows for a faster recovery but only one 2mm to 3mm scar under the armpit. This is the most undetectable gynecomastia surgery available.

One small incision (2 to 3 mm) is made in each armpit. A tumescent solution containing a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor is infiltrated into the treatment area. PAL liposuction is than performed with special curved liposuction cannulas.


After the excess fat has been removed and the gland is isolated, we than use our dedicated equipment. Using our technique, we can more easily and predictably remove as much or as little glandular tissue as we wish through the 2 to 3mm poke hole in the armpit.

Our surgical technique essentially allows us the precision of the glandular excision of the open technique with less noticeable, more hidden scar than the pull through technique.