A Deep Understanding Of Gynecomastia

Patients can rest assured that they are in capable hands with Dr. Roberto Tutino. Dr. Tutino’s exceptional academic achievements, including early admission to McMaster Medical school and graduating with a remarkable 4.0 GPA, exemplify his dedication and expertise. His comprehensive training in Toronto and Melbourne has refined his skills in breast cancer reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. Notably, his focus on precision and minimizing tissue trauma has led him to develop a distinctive surgical technique for Gynecomastia treatment, which is now the core of his specialized practice. Having successfully performed over 12,000 surgeries, Dr. Tutino’s commitment to delivering exceptional care and his contributions to the advancement of plastic surgery through teaching and mentorship make him a trustworthy choice for patients.


The Most Minimally Invasive Surgery Available

We specialize in limited incision surgery, focusing on patients with mild to moderate excess of gland and fat. With Dr. Tutino’s comprehensive technique, the patients’ well-being and surgical goals are optimally addressed through a single small incision hidden in the armpit. Our goal is to address the patient’s gynecomastia all while having surgery as undetectable as possible.


Patient Well-Being

We understand that gynecomastia can have a significant psychological impact on individuals, causing distress and affecting self-esteem. Our philosophy is centered around prioritizing the well-being of our patients. We take a comprehensive approach by considering the patient’s medical history, symptoms, medications, substance use, family history, and psychological impact. Through a thorough diagnosis and workup, we ensure that our patients receive appropriate care and support that they need and deserve.